At icandiCQ we are committed to caring.  We care about our clients.  We care about our country.  We care about our work and we care about our environment and those less fortunate than us.

We very proud of our recent (September 2013) level 2 BBBEE accreditation. But we won’t rest here and are committed to continuously working towards improving our status. icandiCQ cares about development.

We recently got involved with a project that is helping give a group of underprivileged young boys between the ages of eight and 15 the chance to dream. These boys are growing up in communities where drug and alcohol abuse is rife, where there is little parental involvement and guidance, and where poverty is a daily challenge, but they are also incredibly talented young soccer players who are part of Little Legends Soccer Foundation, a soccer development programme. The boys are also part of a project called Growing Legends, a character development programme led by occupational therapist and personal development coach Samantha Toweel-Moore. The aim of the programme is to provide the boys with the life skills to rise above their circumstances, to build self-esteem and to help them find a voice in the communities they live in, so that they embrace the opportunities that their talent in soccer can provide. icandiCQ is committed to being part of the project. We care about our community.

We are environmentally responsible. We reuse and recycle. We watch our carbon emissions and encourage our team to work where most convenient.
No sitting in traffic. No long journeys. Our website is hosted on a solar powered server and we are working towards a solar powered office. icandiCQ cares to be green.