Integrated marketing


Internal engagement



Whether you’re building a brand from an existing identity, evolving a brand, creating a new brand or reviving a brand – the key ingredient is icandi CQ. Over the years we’ve worked closely with medium to blue chip clients like the Development Bank of South Africa, Old Mutual, Nedbank, Nestle, GroFin, KPMG and Basil Read.  Take a look at our portfolio to see what CQ we’ve added to these brands.
At icandi CQ we approach every marketing challenge with an integrated strategy in mind. We understand all too well that marketing has become a conversation. It’s about connectedness. It’s about consistency of message and complementary use of on and offline marketing channels. Knowing the right touchpoints and developing a strategy that integrates the right on and offline channels is where icandi CQ likes to play.
Building a successful brand is about working from the inside out. The power of a successful brand begins with the people that bring it to life. Your employees. Adding icandi CQ to an organisation is about connecting people with the vision, brand promise, strategy and purpose of business, connecting individual contribution to the bigger picture, connecting people and connecting involvement with performance.
At icandi CQ we know that key to the success of any marketing, branding or internal communication activity is intimately knowing and understanding the environment and the audience. Whether its indepth research about the marketing playing field externally or within a company, icandi CQ has the experience, know-how and connections to get to the real data, extract the real conversation and make meaningful recommendations.

We have some interesting case studies which we are happy to share with you. Please contact kim@icandicq.co.za for a meeting.