GE Healthcare Podcast series
Creating brand awareness among niche B2B audiences

Job: Vital Voices podcast series  
Client: GE Healthcare
Date of work:  2021 to date

GE Healthcare Podcast Series

Leveraging the power of digital content marketing

GE Healthcare (GEHC) has partnered with icandi CQ for marketing and communication support since 2016.

GEHC recognises and values the essential role healthcare workers, and in particular the challenges that the public healthcare sector faces in South Africa, and so, wanted to create a campaign platform that focused on supporting and recognising the sector.

In response to the brief we conceptualised and created Vital Voices, a monthly podcast series that aims to give a voice and platform to the critical issues facing the Public Healthcare Sector and the people that are changing it, both on the frontlines and from the backlines.

Reaching the right audience through effective social media marketing

Every episode brings together a range of medical experts and voices to help unpack the critical issues facing the Public Healthcare Sector, while sharing insights and solutions to support this vital sector.

A social media campaign was developed to promote the podcast series to healthcare workers and decisionmakers within the public healthcare sector. Each episode was promoted through targeted paid media on LinkedIn and Facebook. Using internal marketing we encouraged staff to amplify the campaign within their own social networks.

Achieving results that matter

Through effective social media marketing the campaign achieved an average monthly conversion rate of just under 30%.

The launch episode had a phenomenal 4 000 odd listens (with the majority of listeners being healthcare professionals). The episodes that followed have all had between 600 and 1 500 listens – well above industry benchmarks.

“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and creates three times as many leads”

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

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SABRIC reports

SABRIC reports

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