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Latest Annual Report

HYPROP Integrated Annual Report 2023

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Latest Annual Report

HYPROP Integrated Annual Report 2023


Annual Report Solutions

Engage your stakeholders

Annual reports are powerful communication tools but crafting an impactful report requires expertise in design, writing, and project management. Partnering with an experienced, specialist agency like icandi CQ unlocks value and access to a team with more than 20 years’ experience in report writing, design and production for large JSE-listed companies.

Our specialist team create and meticulously implement end-to-end reporting solutions . From writing to designing to proofing to printing and creating innovative digital annual reporting solutions.

Specialised expertise

We have a wealth of experience in writing and designing for the financial services, healthcare and property fund management sectors. This specialisation translates into a deeper understanding of your industry’s nuances, trends, and regulatory requirements.

Personalised approach

Expect a close working relationship and direct communication channels when you work with icandi CQ. We also offer an onsite service so that your needs are understood and implemented effectively, especially during crunch time.

Agile and flexible

We’re all about flexibility. We readily adjust our resources to accommodate your project’s specific requirements and timeline. Our ability to respond quickly to changes and provide timely updates ensures a smoother and more efficient collaboration.

Collaborative partnership

We value long-term relationships and are committed to your success. With icandi CQ you can expect a customised report that reflects your organisation’s brand and strategy.


Attention to detail and quality

Paying meticulous attention to every detail of your annual report is non-negotiable. We ensure quality control throughout the entire design and writing process. From the conceptualisation stage to final delivery, the focus on quality translates into a polished and impactful annual report.

Our Clients Feedback

“You have once again outdone yourselves! Thank you very much for your dedication, hard work and patience with us as a team. The annual report reads well and is beautiful.”

Head of Investor Relations

“Thank you so much for your outstanding design work on the IWT report for SAMLIT. The design of the report is captivating and engaging, and has transformed it into an inviting and user-friendly document. You have been the consummate professionals, never flustered, efficient and with excellent attention to detail. It has been a rare occasion to work with an agency that makes sure the changes requested are all made, and who have made an effort to understand the content of the work, which I have no doubt added to the quality of your work.”

Geraldine Fleming

“The icandi CQ team is efficient and hands on. They go out of the way to work within our demanding parameters and never miss a deadline.” Arrowhead Properties, now Fairvest