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The importance of having a clear inside-out brand strategy from the start
Your brand is your promise to your employees and your customers. It’s how your customers perceive you as a company, product, or service and the trust they place in you to deliver on it.

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A corporate video produced for the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) to educate and create awareness about the brand among members and consumers.


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Internal communications and your brand purpose

It is essential to establish a brand purpose before you can enact a marketing strategy for your business. This is because while a marketing strategy looks outside the company for consumer response and financial reward…

Does your EVP drive work-life integration in 2023?

What is valuable to you? Time? Money? Flexibility? And is it the same for the employee on the far corner of your Teams screen? The question of how people find value in what they do…

Can a company podcast build a more engaged workforce?

Right now, over 475 million people are actively listening to podcasts around the world. In South Africa, the current market for podcasting is 16 million people and growing.