Does your EVP drive work-life integration in 2023?

Does your EVP drive work-life integration in 2023?

What is valuable to you? Time? Money? Flexibility? And is it the same for the employee on the far corner of your Teams screen? The question of how people find value in what they do and why they do it has been haunting HR recruitment policies for decades. And that hasn’t changed. But everything else has.

Does your EVP drive work-life integration in 2023?


In this post-pandemic hybrid working environment, does your EVP still attract talent and deliver real value? Is it time to dissolve the old model or evolve it into a more human-centric approach to value? 

At icandi CQ, we believe that in this new era, where a growing talent shortage meets evolving candidate motivations at the corner of a gig economy, employers are competing against much more than just each other to retain and attract top talent. Accordingly, organisations’ Employee Value Proposition (EVP) should evolve to deliver real value in a post-pandemic world? 

To help your organisation to get ahead, below are FIVE steps to creating a more human-centric EVP

  • Audit from employee perspective: Take a fresh look at the way your team works and how the work is being done.
  • Align with empathy: Empathy is the most important factor in a human-centric approach. Introduce and align values to support a more empathetic relationship with your employees, one that will make them feel heard and supported.
  • Buy-in from the top: Ensure leadership is on board and understands the value of a human-centric culture in creating a more engaged and productive workforce.
  • Rethink management: Traditionally, managers were chosen for their ability to deliver performance and business goals. The new management empathetic approach needs to balance this with caring for and supporting the people who do the work.
  • Support the change: Set parameters and targets to help enable workplace flexibility, drive shared purpose, foster deeper connections, support personal growth and ensure holistic wellbeing for employees. 

What you do or don’t offer in your EVP doesn’t matter as much as making sure that the framework you adopt is as flexible and human-centric as your company aspires to be. Get that right, embed it in your internal communication strategy and the right value will follow.

Need help communicating your EVP?

With more than 20 years’ experience in communicating medium to large organisations’ EVPs, the icandi CQ team can help you choose the right channels to not only communicate your EVP but enhance the overall employee experience by helping you reach employees where they are.

Here are a few other tactics to consider (and that we can help you deliver):

  • Experiment with new formats – if your EVP has evolved, the way you communicate should evolve too!
  • Support leaders in your organisation to be more effective communicators.
  • Recognise the difference between champions and influencers in your organisation, and use them wisely to help cascade your EVP.
  • Create platforms for dialogue.
  • Relook the way you measure engagement and communication so that it aligns to your EVP.

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