Internal communications and your brand purpose

Internal communications and your brand purpose

It is essential to establish a brand purpose before you can enact a marketing strategy for your business. This is because while a marketing strategy looks outside the company for consumer response and financial reward, your brand purpose encompasses every human element of your business objective throughout your own organisation and out to the wider landscape of today’s conscientious consumer.

People care because… of your purpose

Branding is the why. Marketing is the how. And your brand purpose is the connector to positioning your brand within your own teams first before you can effectively market brand purpose out to society for greater leverage. Using effective internal communication, you can create a culture where employees live your brand purpose and deliver the reason for a brand to exist beyond just making money. Both employees and consumers today are looking at more than just the monetary value of a product or service; rather, they are intent on belief in a brand that works for the influence of good. Simply put, a compelling brand purpose makes your company matter to the outside world. Brand purpose is about nurturing an emotional connection which must live on in the hearts and minds of your employees, your customers and your prospects. People will care about your business because you care. Your purpose is key to connecting with existing stakeholders, but it also underpins the potential for accessing new markets and new channels to connect and engage with your brand. Essentially brand purpose is about doing the right thing in business whether it is for the environment, for society or for shared corporate objectives. But beware, the brand purpose must be authentic to its core rather than just a tactic of adding to your financial bottom line.

Ethical consumerism and brand purpose

Before digital’s evolution, consumers of the past were somewhat ignorant and disengaged about where products came from or how they were made. The information age which gives rise to a more globalized economy today means consumers are aware, awake and voicing a demand for products that are ethically produced. Consumption today sees a growing voice for green, humane and ethical business practices. Agile organisations are hearing the call and focusing on purpose over profit, are redefining their brand purpose to include a greater purpose to market that is closely aligned to the business purpose, with additional delivery channels, and an improved marketing strategy for customer acquisition. Already, those corporations unwilling to change are facing boycotting of products while those which have embraced marketing strategy towards strong brand purpose are benefiting from the rewards of ‘buycotting’, where consumers are engaging emotionally with the company’s brand purpose and expressing approval with their purchasing power; for example, The Body Shop.

How to define your brand purpose

Brand purpose is the bridge that connects your business objectives to the consumer at a personal level. Your marketing strategy communicates the human aspects of your brand purpose and will speak to the conscience of your consumers as well as the employees who stand behind your brand purpose. Defining a brand purpose will arise from connecting to what your business cares deeply about and what is important to your customers. Brand purpose communicated with an effective marketing strategy lets consumers know how you are adding value to their lives as well as greater society.

The key to delivering on your brand purpose

Your employees are key to delivering on your brand purpose. This is because brand purpose calls to the emotional aspect within every one of us. Brand purpose is a feeling that galvanizes us to respond both for ourselves and for the good of others. It’s about tapping into our human connection which lies at the core of our very humanness where we want to feel good. When employees understand your brand purpose and are supported correctly in learning how to engage and communicate your brand purpose, your business will benefit from better job satisfaction, productivity and staff retention. An authentic brand purpose backed by a transparent marketing strategy empowers employees to achieving and exceeding internal brand objectives and creates meaningful impact for external stakeholders, including your customers, communities and investors.

Brand Purpose is Why you Exist

A high-performance company today can be differentiated by its relevance to current markets, the quality of its internal communication and its marketing strategy which shares its corporate culture through brand purpose. A shared purpose sees engaged and confident employees who live the brand and relish the business of work in their role as brand ambassadors. When your employees live the brand they will inspire your external audiences to trust and support your brand and becomes an important engagement driver which will take you beyond your competitors. When you engage brand purpose within your organisation you are saying yes to greater meaning and significance to just being a business, rather you connect to the opportunity to delight, create impact and reach into the hearts and minds of the status quo who are searching for ways to find purpose and meaning beyond economic influences.

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