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Brand Development

More than a logo

The Zenex Foundation appointed icandi CQ to develop and implement a brand strategy that would look at reviewing existing brand collateral, developing a strategy that would support the organisation’s 2025 vision and to implement this evolution across all touchpoints. Since then we continue to partner with Zenex as their marketing and communication agency.

A consultative approach

​The icandi CQ team conducted a brand workshop with the Zenex team to inform the strategy development. Following a rigorous evaluation of the brand we developed a brand strategy framework that included a brand narrative and principles which informed the brand positioning, design of a visual language, payoff line development and the corporate identity design.

As the Zenex Foundation has various partners and stakeholders, we tested this during an online focus group session and then refined designs and the brand positioning based on this feedback; and developed a user-friendly CI guide.

Bringing the CI to life

To take the evolved brand from strategy and guidelines to market we developed a roadmap outlining implementation of the revitalised brand across all touchpoints (internally and externally). This was supported by a communication plan to reposition the brand among all stakeholders and to empower them as brand advocates, taking into consideration thought leadership and the need to educate.

This also included:

Channel enhancement – including a new website and updated client newsletter
Internal branding
Strategy visualisation and illustrations
Brand collateral, templates and stationer