Internal Communication


#MoreThanData Campaign  

Inside-out communication

Introducing Investec MoreThanData – a groundbreaking internal brand campaign that revolutionized the way we communicate. Through the power of pop-up radio, we engaged 4000 bankers and inspired them to believe that our Young Professional clients are #MoreThanData. This inside-out campaign went beyond traditional channels, sparking a conversation that ignited passion and ambassadorship among our staff. With phenomenal results and recognition as a finalist in the prestigious Loerie Awards, MoreThanData is more than just a campaign, it’s a movement. Join us in celebrating the power of connectivity and let’s redefine what it means to be #MoreThanData.

The task

To engage 4000 bankers around Investec’s new marketing campaign that believed its Young Professional clients were #MoreThanData.

Plus, this was meant to be an inside-out campaign to inspire staff to share the campaign within their social networks.

Insight: Most of Investec’s employees are young professionals. Simply using traditional internal communication channels would not create the engagement needed to drive ambassadorship.

Approach: So we took the most engaging medium – radio. Built a series of events around this. And started a conversation about #MoreThanData.

Result: The campaign achieved phenomenal results, was reignited as a channel beyond the campaign in a series called Lunchtime Labs – and was also a finalist in the Loerie Awards (no mean feat for an internal communication campaign!).

Connecting with Investec employees

A mobile radio station was built and a series of events, positioned as The Channel Live, pop-up radio show, travelled to offices around the country over two weeks. Employees were invited to attend the daily show and be part of the live audience. Or join in the event, virtually, by live streaming, from their desks.

Over 50 guests were interviewed including data and industry thought leaders, social influencers, Investec leadership, the creatives behind the external campaign and Investec employees – who our live audience and online listeners soon discovered were also #MoreThanData.

A multi-pronged approach

Employees received earphones as desksdrops, along with supporting communication, giving context to the campaign.

We created a dedicated microsite where staff could live-stream the radio shows or download podcasts. The microsite also provided a platform for engagement with live polls, competitions, a tool for two-way communication called ‘Ask The DJ’, information about the campaign, social media guidelines (for staff sharing or talking about the external campaign within their networks) and FAQs.

The daily line-up, event dates and campaign messages were showcased on plasma screens across all Investec buildings and ambient in-building branding helped create increased awareness.
A critical channel to create advocacy were our Champions (internal influencers who were brought on board prior to the campaign). Maintaining visibility in their #MoreThanData t-shirts, they created word-of-mouth marketing and encouraged colleagues to attend the events or livestream the daily show.