Concor Employee App
Engaging with non-wired employees

Job: Employee App 
Client: Concor
Date of work:  2020 to date

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A mobile first workplace, needs a mobile solution

The task:
To develop an internal communication channel that would help the organisation communicate more effectively with employees who either do not have access to email (blue-collar workers) or are not desk-based.

Concor employees include permanent and contract employees working onsite at construction projects. While they all have phones, access to WiFi is limited and the cost of data is prohibitive. Along with that the company had in the past been mainly reliant on supervisors and managers to cascade communication, as well as costly traditional media (printed posters, staff magazines, etc).

icandi CQ developed a customised employee App for Concor, called EnGAGE that brings together communication, recognition and HR solutions (like pay slips, training, employee onboarding and process and policy documents) into one mobile platform, while enabling targeted communication to different employee groups. Furthermore, data is reverse-billed ensuring that all staff can access the App at no data cost to them.

Driving adoption through effective internal communication

Using our internal communication expertise to support the launch and adoption of the App, we developed and implemented an internal communication campaign that included video messages, posters, flyers and onsite champions. We also trained communicators as content developers and moderators on the App and developed training material to support staff as they were onboarded.

“We had our Future Leader’s Forum with the CEO yesterday and everyone raved about EnGAGE!”

Concor, Organisational Development Manager

“Effective communication positively impacts employee engagement, which increases productivity, staff retention and customer satisfaction. Ultimately improving profitability.”

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