Lightstone website
Designing a website to enable a platform business
Client: Lightstone
Date of work:  2021 to date

Lightstone Website

Putting the client at the centre of the experience

icandi CQ is Lightstone’s brand, marketing and communication agency, partnering with the business to grow the brand as a data-led, insights-driven business. As part of the company’s aim to scale as a platform business, they approached us to evolve their website into a platform website to support the new business strategy.

Mapping the path to a great user experience

Our starting point was to understand the current web environment. Lightstone had, over the years, through the growth of the business and innovative product developments grown a site structure that grew outward and was interlinked by a spaghetti structure that became complex to maintain and manage. We developed a strategy that aims to create a single domain where users can easily find products, navigate around the site and be presented with products that are designed to meet their needs.

Partnering with the business

icandi CQ’s approach is to work collaboratively with our clients, immersing ourselves in their business to ensure everything we do is aimed at supporting the business strategy. This project was no different. Working closely with product owners, developers, the platform team and marketing we developed:

  • A three-phase web strategy and roadmap for implementation
  • UX and site navigation
  • Prototype designs
  • Content, including meta descriptions and keywords
  • Developed a digital brand identity and brand assets
  • Designed the front-end and worked closely with the developer to consult on implementation

icandi CQ continues working with Lightstone as we start implementing the third phase of the website strategy, while driving users to the site through digital marketing tactics.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and creates three times as many leads”

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Recent Work

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SABRIC reports

SABRIC reports

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